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All printing done by Brunetto T-shirts using 100% Cotton pre-shrunk Gildan and Bella shirts with shipping handled by the comet 7 posse. All buttons made and shipped by the comet 7 posse. Questions, concerns, or comments please contact us.

Shirt Sizing Information:
Size charts are approximate and will vary a bit from shirt to shirt. Width is under the armpit and height is from the collar to the bottom of the shirt. If you recieve your shirt and it doesn't fit quite how you like, contact the comet 7 posse and we'll figure out how to make it right. Also note that the baby doll tees are of a strechier material than the normal shirts as they are supposed to be tight and form fitting.

Gildan Tees (mens)
Shirt Size width height
Small 18" 28"
Medium 20" 29"
Large 22" 32"
XL 24" 31"
XXL 26" 32"

Bella Baby Doll Tee (womens)
Shirt Size width height
Small 12" 19"
Medium 13" 20"
Large 15" 21"
XL ? ?