What is this comic all about?

Presently it is about a little robot who washes up on the shore of a mysterious island. This is only the first story out of a bunch I have planned. They might or might not all be connected. They will all have the same main character.

How often does Washed Ashore update?

Right now I update the comic every few weeks. Basically whenever I have time to squeeze in an update. The best way to keep track of updates is hook up with the Washed Ashore RSS Feed up on the top of every page. I'll also be adding a LJ Feed and an email list very soon.

How is the comic made?

It's done 100% in Adobe Photoshop CS with a Wacom tablet. I'm still not really as comfortable as I'd like to be with the tablet, but I'm getting there.

Who makes Washed Ashore?

That would be me. You can call me David Tekiela. Most people, both in real life and on the internets call me kidnemo.

I like to wear silly hats.

I was also under a large blanket when I took that picture. Because I was a bit cold most likely.

I'm a freelance illustrator, web and print designer, and I also love pushing pixels. In addition I make two other webcomics: comet 7 and kristy versus the zombie army. Check them out, they are pretty neat.

Can I commission you to do some work for me/my company?

Heck ya! I always need money! You can contact me here and we can go over the details of your project.

You need money? How can I help?

I have some pretty neat stuff available in the store. The profits all go to me and help me buy food, so that I can make more comics! You can also donate some moneys via paypal if you'd like:

Have any other questions you'd like to ask? Check out the contact page and maybe I'll add them up here.