Comet 7 guest week(s)!?!

Posted by: Kidnemo
Date: 10/17/05 - 7:51AM

And so it begins the first official comet 7 guest week!

I've always wanted to do a guest week for the old c7, but I've been nervous about letting other people have free reign with my stuffs (stuffs being the comic and characters, you know, stuffs). I was scared they wouldn't do the work justice, or the art would turn out badly, I dunno, just something made me queasy about the entire deal...

Well, after sending out the call for guest strips and seeing the work that has come back I can tell you my worries were 100% totally wrong! The guest strips I have for you cats are all totally amazing with great writing, the jokes, and the arts. It's really flattering to see that people will take the time out of their busy day and put together a comic strip for you featuring your characters and stuff.

I've got a ton of great strip from some great webcomic artists, so thanks a ton to everyone who contributed a strip, I really appreciate the work you put in for me!

First up today we have a strip from c7 buddy and forum regular ze' Bryan Chojnowski from His strip turned out really well I think, with some of his best work so far. Check out his site lest I summon a horde of angry snail like creatures who will haunt you in your nightmares!

Make sure to be back here tomorrow for more guest comic goodness! (oh yea and don't forget to clic here, I got a new vote incentive art for you, just a little quick doodle!)


Posted by: Kidnemo
Date: 10/14/05 - 8:07AM

Starting next week I'll be running a lot of comet 7 comics. None of them will be by me, but all of them will be amazing. I asked a bunch of other super talented online web comic creators to do some guest comics for me which I'll be running everyday next week. They all turned out really good and I think you all will be really happy with the results. If not perhaps I will sneeze on you, contaminating you with whatever it is afflicting me at the moment.

I got around to picking up Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow for the ole Nintendo DS, you can check out my intial thoughts about it on the forum here.

Remember to keep voting for comet 7 everyone! I have a new vote incentive online, which you can check out here. It's some odd pixelated robot maid, she looks like she might do a good job, though she might run a bit amok if you don't keep your eye on her...

And finally a new Kristy Versus The Zombie Army is now online, check it out, yo!